My dear brothers and Sister,

Today marks the first anniversary of my second term in office as your representative in the National Assembly and so I wish to use this medium to express my profound gratitude to you today.

Despite the intense opposition and legal battles that followed my re-election, your steadfast faith has been a beacon of strength and encouragement, guiding our collective journey towards progress and development. 

Over the past 12 months, therefore, I have consciously stayed true to myself and my conscience in keeping to my promise of bringing home to Ikono and Ini people, what is due to them within my sphere of influence and capacity. Your unwavering support, trust, and belief in my vision have been the cornerstone of our shared achievements over the past year. 

While it is not my place to enunciate the strides we have been able to make within these past 12 months, I will only say, in all humility, that I have attempted to make positive impacts on the lives of as many of our people in every life-enhancing sector, even beyond the ambit of my campaign promises. 

Some of the significant strides we have made together include:

The construction of assembly halls and classroom blocks in several schools has provided a conducive learning environment for our children, laying a solid foundation for their future.

We have enhanced security and improved the quality of life by installing solar-powered street lights across the constituency, ensuring our streets are well-lit and safe. We have also established civic centres that serve as hubs for community activities and engagements, fostering unity and collaboration among our people.

Through various grants, we have empowered individuals, businesses, and organizations, including places of worship, enabling them to thrive and contribute to our community’s growth.  

In times of illness, bereavement, and celebration, we have continued to provide financial aid, showing that we stand by each other through thick and thin. We have distributed vehicles, minibuses, motorcycles, tricycles, generators, and other household items to ease the burden on needy families and enhance their quality of life. 

Our commitment to health is unwavering. We have continued the free healthcare programme for pregnant women and their newborn babies, ensuring they receive the care they need.

Recognizing the hardships faced by some of our families, especially in the current economic climate, we have provided palliatives to the very needy, ensuring no one is left behind. 

As a long-term measure, we have facilitated new employment opportunities and facilitated new appointments, opening doors for our youth and capable individuals to serve and lead. In our commitment to education, we have awarded scholarships to indigent students in secondary and tertiary institutions, paving the way for their academic and professional success.

I have lent my voice – in assent and in dissent – with those of my colleagues in legislating over issues that are of local and remote concern to all Nigerians. I have sponsored, co-sponsored and contributed to various motions and bills on critical issues that have a direct bearing on our day-to-day existence. 

It has not been all smooth sailing as we have met with several challenges over the past two years. We are grateful to God almighty for the Grace to surmount them as they come. My motivation is that these challenges are for a good cause - the betterment of the Ikono-Ini people. 

These achievements are a testament to what we can accomplish when we work together. Your continued support and collaboration are vital as we move forward, striving to build an even brighter future for Ikono-Ini. Let me use this opportunity to specially invite you all to our Thanksgiving and Empowerment Ceremony which will come up between the 27th and 29th of June 2024.

Thank you for the privilege to serve you. Let us continue to unite, work hard, and reach new heights of development and prosperity. I remain very open to suggestions, contributions and ideas even as I solicit the cooperation of all and sundry in our collective efforts to better our lot as a people. 

God bless us all,

Rt. Hon. Emmanuel E. Ukpong-udo (PhD)

Member, Ikono-Ini Federal Constituency 

House of Representatives

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