"I'm not a prostitute, I post s3xual things just to trend"- Esther Sky

 'I'm not a prostitute, I post s3xual things just to trend

Nigerian actress and Instagram slay queen, Esther Nwachukwu known as Esther Skyy, has stated that she does not indulge in prostitution as she leads her followers to believe.

During an interview with The Punch, she revealed that she posts overtly sexual content on social media just to be popular.

'I'm not a prostitute, I post s3xual things just to trend'- Esther Sky

Esther also stated that she auditioned for Big Brother Naija six times and participated in several film auditions, but if one does not have a connection or is prepared to pay for roles, one may not become a celebrity.

She said;

"I am not a prostitute. I just decided to become controversial because I wanted to trend. I have been to so many auditions, but in the end, if one does not have money to produce one's own movie or pay directors to give one a lead role, one would keep being a 'handbag' (being relegated). That is not what I want. I have auditioned for Big Brother Nigeria more than six times. I even got to the final stage but they did not pick me.
"I have also been in Nollywood with nothing to show for it. It is either the director wants to sleep with one in exchange for a role, or one had to pay money, which I considered to be nonsense. That was why I decided to become controversial."

The actress also stated that she is not in a relationship with a married man, but she would date one if the opportunity arose since they are more compassionate than bachelors.

"I am not dating a married man but if I see one, I will date him. They (married men) are less stressed and they take care of women better than single guys. If a married man has a girlfriend, he would take care of the girl. But, single guys have divided attention; they are always jumping from one woman to the other""It depends on how one handles it. One just has to respect the boundaries, and don't interfere in his marriage. As a 'side chic', one should not call him when he is at home. As long as he is taking care of one, one does not need to blackmail him with his family. It is when one disrespects the family that it becomes dangerous.
Whether I date a married man or not, a side chic will date my husband. It is normal. It is the nature of men to cheat. The important thing is for him to respect me",

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